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10. We provide SEO training for beginnners and the more experinced.

SEO Training Institute

Welcome to the World of Internet Marketing. As we all know that selling something is considered the most challenging job in this world. And with the advancement in technology, mankind has always encountered new ways of sales & marketing. Search Engine Marketing (SEO) is the latest wave in the world of marketing which is replacing all the conventional ways of marketing rapidly, there by increasing the demand of SEOs now a days..

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

In easy words, improving the visibility of website or a webpage in search engines (like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.) is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Or, we may say that, a technique to make a website appear at the top in the search results of search engines is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Significance of SEO

All the businesses now days are associated to internet in some way or the other. Hence the dependability on internet for marketing has increased. Everyone wants to increase the traffic on their website in order to get exposure to a large volume of prospects. Increase in traffic means increase in business and hence the ultimate goal of all the businesses, PROFIT. SEO caters to all such needs and helps in increasing the traffic on a particular website.

What we offer?

Our faculty includes SEO experts who have been working for big brands in India, US, UK, Australia & Canada for quite a long time now. They have designed SEO modules in such a way so that individuals belonging to a non technical background find it easy to understand the concepts of SEO. We offer advanced levels of SEO as well. This includes SMO & SEM and all the search engine management skills desired in an SEM specialist. Not only that, after the completion of SEO modules we provide hands on experience to all the candidates on live SEO projects, in order to give them the exposure required as per the industry norms.

Apart from this we conduct free workshops on personality development & soft skills enhancement for our candidates.

100% Placement assistance

Our clients

Our clients include big brands in India & abroad. We conduct SEO trainings on corporate level as well. A number of our clients have relied on us for years in getting their employees trained on SEO. Our clients in India & abroad include, publishing houses, technical support groups, online merchants, software firms and many other.